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Media Production

So… why should you value Media Production?
We hear it all the time “I have a phone that takes pictures and video… why do I need professional services?”. The answer is simple for a few reasons. First, customers may not be conscious of it, but subconsciously studies show that you are more attracted to advertising techniques of professional quality vs the opposite. Next, the ideation and scripting of advertisement is more important than the capturing methods. Additionally, the distribution methods (ie. Targeting, Tracking and Audience building) need to be in tune with the message of the ad. Lastly, you want your social media to be in full circle with your website and media to ensure that you can bridge the gap from grabbing the customers attention, enticing the conversion, then completing the transaction time and time again. Stand out amongst the herd with Guess Solutions media production.

Develop A Strategy That Works For You


Separate yourself from your competition with high-resolution videography. We have a wide array of top-tier equipment that shoots in 4k as well as expert drone videographers to put in frame any idea no matter how simple or complex your vision. Don’t have a vision? Our ideation experts are known for unique scripts and catchy screenplays.

Brand Awareness

Are you looking to tell your story in a way that projects your values, displays your strengths while coming off as unique and entertaining to the viewer? Guess understands that A little bit of brand recognition goes a long way. We are able to create brand campaigns that resonate your values with your customers to ensure they remember you when it becomes time to make their choice. Not to mention we are able to target your demographics to ensure you are speaking with the right people.

Product / Service Advertisement

When it comes to separating your products and services from your competitor’s video marketing is the answer. Our high-resolution conversion-focused video is crucial to increasing your brand recognition and perceived quality in your market. Guess will make you the company with the catchy ad that people talk about outside of when they are shopping. Our ads are built for conversion and tested to excel. We target your audience with learning algorithms that follow a consumer past the point of sale to bring them back again. Stand out from the herd and present your company in the best light possible.


Our photography experts come from seasoned backgrounds ranging in all walks of picture taking. We are capable of capturing the full spectrum of photography from event to portrait photography. We tailor our packages and to the need of our customers to give you the fair, transparent-freelancer rate that over-delivers in terms of quality and production value. Our photographers in turn act as top-tier editors using the most up-to-date software and techniques. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet Guess Solutions photography will leave you speechless.

Graphic Design

It is common knowledge that high resolution, easy-to-read graphics increase engagement and stimulate conversion when compared to graphics of lesser quality. Whether your advertisement is meant to grab attention in a social media feed, calculate a detailed message to your customers, or you’re looking for custom signage/print material; Guess solutions will give you top tier service at our famous freelancer rate. Stand out from your competitors and impress your customers with Guess Solutions graphic design.

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