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CannaBox Containers is committed to bringing the modular cultivation industry the most cost effective, turn-key solutions possible. With our manufacturing team having over 20 years experience fabricating modular solutions for the United States military, you are ensured to get the highest quality ISO 9001 and 14001 certified craftsmanship in each and every CannaBox Container!

Our Solution

Since partnering with Cannabox Containers in 2017 a large array of work categorized loosely as “modular construction” has been fulfilled. Specializing in modular construction, but possessing a large array of abilities, we were faced with having more than a product specific site. Specific to their industry, we had to separate Cannabis related information from marketable services per the updated Google Paid Search Policies. Leveraging organic content creation is paradigm, while using a paid search strategy where possible. Our favorite part of cannaboxcontainers.com is their specific breakdown of their products detailed features.

Our Process

  • Step 1: Plan
  • Step 2: Create
  • Step 3: Development
  • Step 4: Launch

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