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What is one thing that lasts as long as a memory? A photograph. We at C&S Photography believe that photographs should be more than what we share on our social media. It is a time in life that we don’t want to let go of. More importantly, it is a moment that should be handed down from one generation to the next to keep these memories alive. Our goal for every session is for our clients to have fun. A truly beautiful photograph conveys emotion and vulnerability.

Our Solution

We began our partnership with C&S Photography in 2017, when we got their new business online with optimized content and a media intensive galleries. Now on their second generation framework, we have a unique platform that drives their clients into unique user experiences, and information, alike. This tactic is effective when paired with properly optimized content, blog posting, media galleries and call to action. With a strong social media presence, it is imperative to utilize cross posting to increase engagement and land their traffic in places of conversion. Our favorite part of candsphoto.com is their blog structure of highlighting past projects as well as interesting industry related articles.

Our Process

  • Step 1: Plan
  • Step 2: Create
  • Step 3: Development
  • Step 4: Launch

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