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Services we offer

  • Extend Your Brand
  • Attract Your Customers
  • Evolve Your Campaigns
  • Distinguish Your Product
  • Grow Your Voice
  • Advanced Targeting

So… what is Digital Advertisement?

Digital Marketing or Online Advertising is marketing that leverages internet technologies to communicate your message to consumers.

Digital Marketing is widely considered to be the most cost effective form of marketing. This is because business’s (like you) are able to reach most amount of people down to the lowest stage of the marketing funnel.

You may be asking yourself, What is a sales Funnel? A sales funnel is a breakdown of your efficiency in marketing, the ability to sell the product and finally to create existing customers. The Top of the funnel is the basis of your marketing. Without the top of your funnel, customers will be unaware that your fantastic product exists. The middle of the funnel is based on the sales that are acquired from advertising. Finally, the bottom of the funnel represents the customer that was obtained from dynamic marketing (top of the funnel) and effect and courteous salesmanship (the middle of the funnel).

With the use of the sales funnel system, we are able to target your advertisements to reach the highest level of ROI due to our ability to target not just people, but customers. In order to maximize your brand awareness and to sustain your foothold in a constantly evolving marketplace, our belief is “Advertise Smarter, Not Harder.”.

When comparing Digital Marketing to traditional forms of Marketing, we have found that a more granular approaches leads to more effective use of budgets. For example, when renting a billboard, you become subject to passing traffic only. The commitment to this form of advertising does not allow for flexibility, trackability or the ability to adapt the performance of the ad. When running an online ad, you are able to pinpoint the right people to hear your message while actively being able to adapt the right message to the viewer. This will allow for distinction of advertising dynamically vs. statically.

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A strong user experience leads to higher conversion rates!

We Get Your Brand Known (Brand Awareness)

When you talk about a brand, you reference the strengths that a particular product or products represent in the market. The brand is what distinguishes a product from other competing products. In fact, one of the purposes of advertising is to popularize a brand. However, at Guess Solutions, we feel it is even more important to establish a strong foundation. A strong foundation ensures that your product is an established brand, not a short lived trend.

A good marketing campaign is one that piques people's interest and makes them want to know more about the brand. Thinking of Digital Marketing as an extension of your product. This extension is essential to the ongoing effort to grow your Digital Footprint.

Guess Solutions extends on brands by incorporating the core points of attraction along with a relevantly designed message that’s sure to capture the audience’s attention. Such targeted messages are good in connecting with individuals and the general masses. They establish your brand’s voice in the market, as well as its core values. It will assist customers in showing them why they need it. Furthermore, these core values are in line with the message our clients wish to convey. This aligns with our priority in obtaining accurate communication of our clients message and demonstrating this through their branding.

  • Extend Your Brand
  • Attract Your Customers
  • Evolve Your Campaigns
  • Distinguish Your Brand
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Services we offer

  • Extend Your Brand
  • Attract Your Customers
  • Evolve Your Campaigns
  • Distinguish Your Product
  • Grow Your Voice
  • Advanced Targeting

Why drive traffice to a low converting website?

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We Spruce Up Your Social Media Presence

Humans are social beings, and they like to converge and share with others. Social Media is one place you can interact with millions of people from all walks of life. This creates a great stage for marketing your business.

Social media marketing involves sharing some well-crafted, thought-provoking ideas and opinions regarding the business world – precisely the sector you’re involved in. You can also use the social media platform to make announcements. However, you need an expert that knows the most effective way of crafting a message for maximum impact. When your social media presence is at top-notch, you gain a large following and a reliable customer base. Guess Solutions is a successful digital marketer that has helped many brands. You could be next...

Quality social media marketing is hard to find when taking into account the difference between posting and advertising. Targeting advertisements around specific targets is easier said than done. When it comes to building engaging ads, it all starts with who the ads are targeted to reach. When it comes to pinpointing the exact audience to be targeting, the proper in market data is hard to find and tailor to. Here at Guess Solutions, we are experienced in the relevant campaign creation driven by relevant posting. Most importantly, this experience on ad structure and the conversion process will be able to create customers from the viewing of the ad campaigns.

  • Customer Interaction
  • Make Announcements
  • Target Your Audience
  • Relevant Campaigns
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We Help You Engage Your Customers

When you set out on an advertising campaign, your main goal is to generate leads, improve conversion rates and sales, and increase profits. That’s the essence of this business. Our strategies in engaging the customer base is tailor-made to the type of product or services you want to market and the kind of message you want to send out.

In every case, we present you as the market authority. This is done by engaging the audience with respect to their needs and curiosity. Think about it.. The average person tunes out a high number of ads or marketing approaches in a single day. The ad that gets listened to is more science than luck. Furthermore, building a rapport for high engagement advertising solidifies your ads amongst the masses as a non intrusive extension of your product. Would your decision to buy something become easier if you see others engaging with the product’s adverts positively?

Good user engagement comes with sharing content that influences the audience to react through conversations, opinions, and questions. We point them to your websites and drive more traffic to your business, which generates leads and builds popularity. This allows the customer base to stay active in your favor as they reference your opinions. As you already know by now, Guess Solutions is good at keeping your customer base active as well.

  • Generate Leads
  • Increase Profits
  • Improve Conversions
  • Build Popularity
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Why drive traffic to a low converting website?

In Advertising, Data Is The Holy Grail

Creating a nice ad is just as easy as singing ABC. Driving a successful campaign that engages the audience and gives the ad meaning is something else altogether. It needs a focused team with workable strategies to target and develop leads.

In the marketing industry, the term “in market shopper data” is often thrown around but seldom utilized. This data is important because it will depict what information is needed for each specific advertising platform. We pride ourselves in not only being able to find the right segmented data to geofence your ideal customer, but by utilizing the ongoing effort to comb, then tune, this information from day to day then month to month. This process is important and also helps to personify the meaning of “ Advertise Smarter, Not Harder”.

At Guess Solutions, we guarantee value for your capital input. One of the ways we do this is by testing and benchmarking – as well as implementing a framework to monitor the performance of adverts in the market. We always want to give the audience something to gravitate to and remember. We ensure that by monitoring their responses, which leads to a successful advertising campaign.

  • In-Market Shopper Data
  • Benchmarking
  • Monitor Performance
  • Smarter Advertising

Sales-Oriented Digital Advertising

The advent of the internet shook the global business environment to the core. Individuals, as well as enterprises, are now taking their businesses online and tapping into the expansive global market. The fact that the internet is easily accessible to billions of people from all corners of the world makes the online market the largest possible customer base. One great trick to make a huge impact in the market and attract customers to your brand is through digital advertising.

To ensure this is successful, you need to craft eye-catching advertisements that appeal to your website visitors and social media followers. The main goal here is to turn those potential customers into active customers and record actual sales. For that, you need the input of good professionals with experience in how digital advertising works and how to get the best. That’s where Guess Solutions comes in.

This being said, a core value of Guess Solutions is to “Solve vs Sell”. Our mission is to never sell you a short term solution. Digital Marketing is most effective in long term relationships that join the clients brand, product, and core beliefs to find the right people as efficiently as possible. That being said, it is always the added benefit of strong Digital Marketing that people who may not need your product, want it. Creating that outcome versus traditional selling makes all the difference to extending on a brands reach.

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